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發布時間:2020-12-22 15:53:42來源:京豐源不銹鋼

昆明京豐源不銹鋼有限公司是云南首家集銷售不銹鋼材料批發(不銹鋼管材、板材及配件), 加工、制作與安裝、工程為一體的不銹鋼家具專業化企業,本公司產品豐富、設備齊全、做工精細。目前本公司占地面積約3000平方,分別為廣福路店,昌宏路店。目前本公司是云南設備最齊全的一家,分別有:云南最高版本的兩臺剪板機、四臺折彎機(DI52全新系統)、韓國刨槽機、全數控沖孔機、云南首家三維激光切割機(最大板可切:1500*6000,管徑可切Φ30—159   、 □ 30—120 ,切割類型:銅、鋁、不銹鋼、碳鋼等)、管材拉絲機、滾圓機、彎管機??梢灾谱鞑讳P鋼燈飾、KTV門、茶幾、背景墻、屏風、裝飾吊頂、電梯轎廂、高檔商場展柜等包板設計。專業的焊接技術人員,精通各類產品圖紙及工程施工規范,我們確信好的產品質量只有想不到,沒有做不到。

公司自成立以來,一向秉誠“信譽第一,顧客至上”的原則,力求把產品的質量做到更好,讓客戶永遠滿意,經過不斷的創新、追求、進取,公司自2002年成立以來已經在北京、深圳、武漢、鄭州、泰州、上海、昆明等都設有分公司。   公司產品現已銷往全國各地以及東南亞等國家。


聯系電話:67122848  67125048 18288259695


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Jing Feng Yuan Stainless Steel Co., Ltd. is an integrated enterprise including production, sales, design,

processing, manufacture in the area of stainless home finishing fittings and engineering specialized field. We 

are diversifying our products to meet the needs of market. The equipment of our company is well appointed and 

completed. products are produced sophisticated. Self-owned CNC shearing machine, bending machine, punching, 

planer, coil machine, pipe bending machine, laser cutting and other precision equipment, to offer a variety of 

services of fine finishing before customers. Our work teams are very experienced, comprehensive technology 

acquired with skills of sophisticated process of the site construction, operated in a number of projects won a 

good reputation for the company. And elaborately produces all kinds of products: stainless steel home finishing 

fittings, decorative ceiling, cabins, background wall, screen, high quality shopping malls display cabinets, 

entertainment club high-grade furniture and so on. We are not only pursuing perfect results of all products and 

engineering projects, but also much strict on each process. we ensure that good quality is promised. 

 "Credibility first, Customer first" is our main principle, we strive to achieve better quality products, so that 

customers will always be satisfied. Since 2004, the company branch offices have been established in Beijing, 

Guan, Baoding, Zhengzhou, Wuhan, Taizhou, Kunming, Shenzhen, Shanghai and other cities, the company's products 

are sold throughout the country as well as Southeast Asian countries. We are still on the road of innovation, and 

keep forging ahead.

We are corporate men of Jing Feng Yuan. We welcome you sincerely as our partners, let us hand in hand to create 


東南亞市場 Southeast Asian market

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